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Our Story


Founded in 2010, AviaTools started out as an engineering entity specialized in jet engine tooling. After two decades worth of experience, AviaTools naturally landed onto the Additive Manufacturing space out of necessity for an answer to the de-powdering question.


AviaTools is one of the pioneers and technical leaders of automated de-powdering machines in additive manufacturing.


Located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, AviaTools has extensive experience in the development of AM machines and related equipment. Our machines are trusted and utilized by the leading manufacturers of 3d-printing parts such as SINTAVIA and 


AviaTools brings simplicity and efficiency to the de-powdering process by means of extracting un-sintered powder from 3D-Printed parts using an optional atmospherically controlled cabin. Our machines are available in several sizes and can be controlled manually or via CNC (programable).


Our De-Powdering Stations are Made in the USA.

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